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Smart people work for themselves, Smarter people make us work for them.


These days pretty sites are a dime-a-dozen. Customers aren't. A great website doesn't just display information, it engages people and is a decision making tool- it fights for customers. Another thing a great website does is meet measurable goals, mutually set between the business owner and us. If your website doesn't meet your goals in a measurable way then you should give us a call.

The needs of every website are different depending on what action you would like your customer or stakeholder to take. At Denote Communications, we help you determine your needs and craft a plan to meet them. You'll notice we list all of our languages and jargon to the right. If it means something to you great, if not don't worry, we speak plain English.


We've designed and printed 10,000 circulation newspapers and magazines, as well as short-run posters and business cards. You name it; we've got a proven track record of repeat customers when it comes to print. Strategy behind print isn't just about what's on the paper, it's about where the paper is going to be seen and distributed. Whether you're looking for a direct mail campaign, or anything else, Denote can handle your marketing end to end and measure our success to ensure absolute accountability. By hiring Denote Communications you can slash costs and provide a professional image that sets a new industry standard. Print's as old as the book, literally, but with Denote Communications we can get results with the modern, internet savvy consumer.

Media Buying

This is where our company began and it's close to our hearts. When buying media (radio, print, TV, online) consider: who you're targeting, what your message is, reach (how many people will see/hear it) and frequency (how often will they see/hear it).

We used to sell advertising so we understand both sides of the coin. The premise is pretty simple-if you can buy your advertising at a lower rate than we can, don't hire us. If you can create better creative-don't hire us.

If you put Denote Communications in the driver's seat of your marketing campaign, our experience often provides superior results faster than entrepreneurs who try and do their own marketing. Researching, negotiating and creating the right media can be very difficult and if it's not successful, your business suffers.


A brand is about your actions as an organization- not a logo, or some letter we design, but an overall strategy of who you are what you represent. Brands can be helpful tools in retaining and attracting talent. We help companies and organization associated themselves with success and things that matter to the people they interact with. Whether your brand makes a contribution to certain areas is going to affect your consumer perception. Denote Communications views branding as perception management and blends over 40 combined years of marketing with cutting edge public relations.

Some might call it mind control. We don't claim to be Jedi, we're just really good marketers.

Video And Photography

The power of video combined with the power of infographics can really boost interest and sales for a company. Whether we leverage YouTube and viral videos, or through traditional broadcasters, it's crucial that media is used effectively and that once something is created, it gets out to your target audience. Once again, Denote Communications is supporting hundreds of businesses with comprehensive solutions to ensure their marketing is not only happening, but also getting results.

Photography doesn't just show pictures, it triggers emotions. The correct photographer/videographer can get your actors and models emotionally invested in your project. We can cover all your bases from hair and makeup to lighting and shadows. At Denote Communications, we believe that marketing should be unified with the other operations of our clients. We don't just focus on technical creativity, but ensuring our photographers are equipped with the communication skills and personality to get measurable results from photos taken and video shot.

Denote Communications is your answer for creating an affordable broadcast television commercial or online tv commercial From a corporate video to a special effects laden film we have the crews to do it all in multiple locations across the country. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a strong presence in Cape Breton we can make a powerful impression with our team and our full production capabilities including video editing. As usual, it's about focusing on your goals and creating videos that are useful tools to reach them.

Call us for a free consultation. Hire us, because we'll make the final cut.

Product Promotional Services

Taking a new product to market is challenging. Denote Communications puts a team of experts behind you that ensure your product stands out. Our attention to detail means that from Vancouver to Halifax, from Toronto to Tampa, your product stands out. In this field, we rely on experienced educators and new guerrilla marketing tactics. We aim and train our promotional team to make sure people remember your product. It begins with an understanding of who buys your product and then recruiting a team that your customers can relate to. We also know how to cut through the clutter and demand attention. We are one of the only teams to possess an award-winning body painter and a dynamic cheer squad. If it's a big splash with limited cash, we can deliver. Our employees care about their work and that will extend into any entrepreneurs product. It's the closest thing to you selling your own product.

Social Media Management

Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin spark word-of-mouth wildfires. It's hard for a business to decide what's interesting and relevant to your users. Let Denote Communications develop a strategy based on true engagement and getting your users to "play and connect" with your brand through interesting factoids, games, and viral content. At Denote Communications, we manage Facebook advertising campaigns, Twitter promoted tweets, Linkedin advertising campaigns and Google ad-words by encouraging users to share content with their friends and talk about it. We reviewed the campaign with you weekly and adjustments are made as necessary. We put comprehensive reports that are easy to understand in front of you and, more importantly, explain them to you. We want to empower the entrepreneur to make informed decisions.


Neat Lawn Care is a Halifax, Nova Scotia lawn care company. With a strong commitment to quality and adding that personal touch, Neat Lawn Care required an image that set itself apart from other companies. Denote developed a marketing strategy that consisted of print material, web presence, social media, and a sales strategy. As a result of Denote's marketing efforts, Neat Lawn Care was able to increase sales, lower turnover, and significantly increase brand awareness.


Cecil Clarke's federal campaign for Sydney Victoria in Cape Breton Nova, Scotia was closely contested in 2011. His campaign approached Denote Communications to build a website for a federal election campaign. We created something within specific guidelines to engage a specific demographic of both old and young and raise awareness of a strong track record. Late in the campaign, we managed social media advertising for the campaign driving hundreds of people to his site through facebook. The Cape Breton Town of Sydney and surrounding area was quickly exposed to Cecil Clarke's effective messaging and strong track record, using both Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Millienia (CPM) campaigns.


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The Journal is the official newspaper for Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With a smaller enrollment than Dalhousie University, The Journal had a need to compete with the larger publications. By working with key staff, ensuring a consistent and professional look, managing effective distribution, and developing a new sales strategy, Denote was able to more than double advertising revenue in year one and build on that further in year two. By systemizing processes and bringing a strong, Denote, work ethic to The Journal, we were able to bring our client unparalleled success.




Lately we have been hard at work on doing marketing and design work on several local and international brands. While it's our policy not to reveal any clients until the project has been completed or has been on-going for some time, rest assured that we're doing some pretty great things. We've been working on projects for a local fashion brand, a few amazing charities, an international apparel brand, and a bunch of work for young entrepreneurs you'll be hearing from sooner than later. This isn't even taking into account a bunch of our internal projects which we GUARANTEE will excite you.

We'll give you a little peek later on if anyone is interested. Maybe drop us a line on our Facebook Page and ask to see what we're up to and we'll show you. Though, chances are if you have Facebook you've already seen some of our advertisements targeted directly at you. You'll be surprised when you find out you've been clicking on our work.

Overall, we're excited about how Denote has been growing over the past few years. Things seem to be speeding up all the time and the amount of wonderful people we have met and been able to help just keep encouraging us to move faster. Who are these people? Pick up an issue of Profile Halifax and see just a small sample of the amazing people we've encountered in the city. By growing our dreams with the dreams of those around us, we hope we can build a better city, a better country, a better world.

Take a look at some of our videos on our YouTube Channel and see some of the cool stories that we've been involved in. In the coming weeks, watch as new Denote promotional videos are unveiled. Be sure to connect with us on Twitter at @DenoteCAS


We are a Halifax, Nova Scotia based agency that determines what success looks like, then measures results. There is no point in hiring an agency to do marketing if you can’t tell the difference between before and after.

We take pride in small victories like an extra customer for our client or a customer compliment, but we also stay focused on the endgame- your bottom line. Step by step we help small businesses around the world make more money by attracting more customers through smart marketing. If you have a solid product, then Denote Communications can help you get the word out. We are trusted by over 300 entrepreneurs across Canada. Why? Denote Communications doesn't just design pretty advertising. We make sure that your business is featured in places that will get you more customers and increased sales.

One last point- Denote Communications offers the whole meal deal. We have everything you would need to put together a successful marketing campaign. From design and photography to media buying, we can handle it all. This allows an extremely consistent approach with measurable results.

Our advice is free. It's worth a chat. We have been known to buy prospective clients coffee.  Call and we'll hook you up.


team_right_top_img Chris Kolmatycki Partner

Always looking for ways to better the community, Chris started Denote Communications in order to save the business world from wasting their money and to put his money where his mouth was that he can create value for businesses better than the current offerings.  By partnering with Mark to develop a company culture based around just this, Denote Communications continues to do just that.  When not working, Chris enjoys scouring the Earth for new music and getting lost in the world of baseball statistical analysis.

team_right_top_img Mark Hobbs Partner

Mark has been an entrepreneur since before he could spell the word.   With a keen interest in building relationships and creating value, Mark gets his feet wet in every aspect of the business.  When Mark isn't thinking of new ways to transform the business landscape, he's sleeping.  Even then, we don't know what he dreams about…